a. What was the weather like?

Ans: The weather was fuming and drizzling.

b.Where was Musee Rodin?

Ans: Musee Rodin was at the end of the road.

c.  Describe the road as the author described it.

Ans: The road was broad but wet; Its sidewalks were lonely and desolate and were shaded by poplars and maples. There were three leaves scattered in a colorful way.

d. Why did the author feel lonely and helpless?

Ans: The author felt lonely and helpless because no one cared about anybody; people did not want to speak to him. People passing by him did not attend to him, and they did not talk to him in English.

e. Why did the author buy a hand machine?

Ans: The author bought a hand machine so that he could hear the recorded voice being explained to him in English.

f. What was the garden like? Describe it briefly.

Ans: The garden was full of pointed shapes of fir and pine trees, giving the best proof of French topiary. Far away stood other trees like walnut, juniper, and yew, birds chirruped from the top.

g. Describe Rodin's Thinking Man in a few sentences.

Ans: The Thinking Man squatted on a large and tall marble slab, in half-bent posture and pensive mood. This is one of the masterpieces in modern art, an incomparable work; Rodin's pensive mood is remarkable.

h. When did the author visit the museum in Baltimore?

Ans: The author visited the museum in Baltimore 3 years ago.

i. Where was a replica of Rodin's thinker man?

Ans: The replica of Rodin's thinker man is in Baltimore.

j.What was the theme of the brochure distributed at the metro station?

Ans: The theme of the brochure distributed at the metro station was to visit the Rodin Museum on the first day of the Paris Visit.