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Curbing the One-Eyed Monster: Summary and Critical Analysis

Curbing one eyed monoester may be trying to tell us not to use the television. We should live actively and also should not forget our culture.

Curbing the One-Eyed Monster

-Fiona C. Jenkins

Curbing the One-Eyed Monster: Summary and Critical Analysis

Literal Comprehension

The richest Americans control American mass media for their personal business. They are extremely rich but conservative. They have started a monopoly business by controlling T.V and radio stations for advertisements. They have faced many complaints and protests but they easily neglect them. The only way to prevent us from it is to throw the television. But some programs are very interesting information and knowledge giving.

They can also entertain us. On the other hand, television destroys natural talent and makes a man lazy. It also helps to ruin the original culture. We can do many important works in the time of watching television. We can use our time in arts, culture, literature and music etc. We can be famous by practising them. Television gives us vulgar culture. It makes the youth corrupted. They leave the real track of life and spend time on fruitless things. T. V addicted people don't understand the real world and life.

The rich are cunning. They do everything to increase their business. They use the T.V for their personal selfishness by advertising. People don't understand the reality and fall victim to it. “Qualitative goods need no advertisement." But people don't think it. The rich have upper hands from general business to education. Adults and youth are never benefited by T.V. they learn vulgar things and take the bad habits. So the writer suggests we throw it away.


This essay may be trying to tell us not to use the television. We should live actively and also should not forget our culture. Even if we live with television we should at least control our senses. We should copy good things and avoid evil things. We should value the real culture, art literature etc. we should not adopt the imported culture and values which can be dangerous for us.

Critical Thinking

This essay is suggestive to some extent but some of the writer's sayings are not agreeable. Is television really dangerous for us? Can’t we know a new thing in the market by advertisement? Should we stop watching television? Does anyone look ready to throw away the television set? Can't we learn old cultural things from television? So, I don't totally agree with the writer.


After reading this essay, I got many good things for life. I have also bought a television set before I read this essay. I also used to spend more time watching television, but now I knew that I should watch the T. V only for the benefit of my study. Now, I will see only educative and informative programs. I will not sit idle, I will always use the time for useful work.

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