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Walt Disney: An Example of Struggle and Success [Success & Celebration] - NEB English Class 10 Exercise

Walt Disney: An Example of Struggle and Success [Success & Celebration] - NEB English Class 10 Exercise
Walt Disney: An Example of Struggle and Success [Success & Celebration] - NEB English Class 10 Exercise

Walt Disney: An Example of Struggle and Success Exercise

Walt Disney (1901-1966) was an American entrepreneur, animator, and film producer who co-founded The Walt Disney Company. He revolutionized animation, creating iconic characters like Mickey Mouse. Disney's vision led to the opening of Disneyland in 1955, the world's first theme park, and the subsequent development of Walt Disney World Resort. His company produced successful films such as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "The Lion King." Disney received numerous awards, including 22 Academy Awards. His enduring legacy is seen in the continued success of Disney media, franchises, and theme parks, shaping the entertainment industry for generations.

A. Use the correct words/ phrases given below to complete the sentences.

domineering solace apprentice bankrupt plotting afloat mounting harness perseverance colossal

a. Kisan had to sell his house to keep his business................

b. He was accused of .........ccvvins the robbery of the bank.

c. Scientists are trving to .............. the sun's rays as a new source of energy.

d. Many companies went ................ during the economic depression.

e. Courage and ............... are the keys to success in life.

f. The government had .................. pressure from the public to withdraw the bill.

g. After his graduation, he worked as a/an ...............electrician in a company.

h. The government spent a ................... amount of money on the renovation of the historical buildings.

i.  Kathywasbroughtupbyanunkind....................... stepmother.

i. Patrick took ............... in the company of his mates.

B. Find the meaning of the following phrases/idioms from a dictionary and use them in sentences of your own.

a. make ends meet b. silver lining

c. nervous breakdown d. kick in the teeth

e. drop out f. set off

C. The following sentences represent some events in Disney's life. Study and rewrite them in the chronological order.

a. He shifted his focus from big screens to television shows.

b. He successfully founded the famous Disneyland.

c. He returned to Chicago and worked as a trainee at an art studio.

d. He created the characters, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse.

e. The cartoon company collapsed.

f. Disney suffered severe mental and emotional illness.

g. Disney left home and went to France to work as an ambulance driver.

D. Answer these questions.

a. How was Walt Disney's childhood?

b. Describe Disney's family background.

c. What did Disney do after his failure in the first business?

d. How was the character of Mickey Mouse created?

e. Why did Disney have a mental breakdown?

f. Which of his films were commercially useless?

g. Which films produced him great financial returns?

h. Why do you think the opening of Disneyland was called ‘Black Sunday"?

i. What special quality of Disney made him finally a successful entrepreneur?

j. What lesson do you learn from Disney's life?

E. Who has inspired you significantly in your life? Share her/his life story to the class.


Look up the following words in a dictionary. Pronounce them correctly and complete the table below with the information related to the word. One has been done for you.

Word Pronunciation [Parts of | Number of [Stressed Speech [syllables syllable(s)

a. extraordinarily | /ik’ str" dnr' li/ [adverb | six second

b. sibling

c. adversity

d. renegotiate

e. venture

f. enterprise

g. animation


A. Study the conversation.

Asha : Let me share you my good news.

Bhanu : OK. What is it?

Asha : I got a scholarship for my further


Bhanu : Many congratulations to you!

Asha : Thank you very much.

B. Work in pairs. Congratulate people in the following situations. Use the given expressions.

Congratulations! You deserve this success.

Congratulations on your hard work.

My sincere/heartfelt/warmest congratulations to you.

I commend you on your accomplishments/success.

Well done!

That's wonderful news!

You did it! So proud of you.

a. Yourfriend gota GPA of 4.0in the first terminal examination.

b. Your uncle and aunt have got a new baby girl.

c. Your cousin got a new job in a bank.

d. Your sister got promoted from Sales Assistant to Account Manager.

e. Your brother has graduated from a university.

f. Your neighbour has won a trophy in a tennis tournament.

Grammar I

A. Choose the correct prepositions and complete the sentences.

a. A: When did you reach school?

B: I reached sometime .......... 9:00 to 9:15 am.

     i. at ii. between iii. on iv. next to

b. I usually stay in my office ............ 10 am to 4 pm.

      i. at ii. on iii. in iv. from

c. You should finish your test ............ next 30 minutes.

      i. at ii. by iii. in iv. of

d. Noor worked in the hotel ................ 2010.

     i. for ii, in iii. until iv. by

e. I have been looking ........... my spectacles, I don't remember where I kept them.

     i. of ii. to iii. at iv. for

f. Mr. Shahi has ten members working ............. him.

     i. under ii. above iii. beside iv. on

g. There is a knock .... ........... the door. Who can be calling us now?

     i. on ii. at iii. in iv. for

h. Kritika is coven. ...... her twenties.

     i. on ii. in iii. at iv. during

i. There is a great deal .............. violence in some countries.

i. of ii. for iii. at iv. about

j. Their discussion turned ..........c.ceeevne an unpleasant quarrel.

     i. to iii. into iii. on iv. onto

B. Complete the sentences with in, on, or at.

a. Water boils ............. 100 degrees Celsius.

b. Last year, we went ........... a trip to National Botanical Garden, Godawari from our school.

c. Can you turn the light on, please? I don't want to sit ............... the dark

d. She was married .........cecevn. the young age of 20.

e. Science and technology has developed ............. a great pace.

f. opinion, violent films should be banned for children.

g. I heard the news ..............the radio this morning.

h. My father is not at home ........ the moment.

Writing I

Message of Congratulation

A. Imagine that your school football team has won the title of ‘Inter-school Football Tournament’ organised by the District Sports Development Committee. Write a message of congratulation to the team on behalf of the school to appear on the school notice board. Use the clues given below.

feeling happy and proud

hard work and dedication of the team

trophy and cash prizes

congratulations and best wishes

Letter of Congratulation

B. Your maternal uncle has recently been promoted to the post of Inspector of Nepal Police. Write a letter of congratulation extending him your best wishes.

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